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Dinosaur Evidence Demolishes Evolution - 7-Day Streaming

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Streaming Video

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High School-Adult

Joel Tay

48 Minutes



Dinosaurs captivate people of all ages. These amazing creatures have often been used to promote the idea of millions of years and evolution—but no more! At Creation Ministries International, we affectionately refer to dinosaurs as ‘missionary lizards’. By grounding ourselves in the Word of God and allowing it to illuminate the scientific landscape, a new revelation emerges—one that corroborates what the Bible teaches about a recent creation and the reality of a worldwide Flood. Find answers to questions like, “What did dinosaurs eat?” and “Why are so many long-necked dinosaur fossils found contorted with their heads and tails bent backward?". Finally, discover one of the most exciting areas of dinosaur research: original dinosaur protein and DNA!

Creation Magazine
Issue 46:2

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Journal of Creation
Issue 38:1

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