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Our culture is fascinated by dinosaurs, but sadly they are used to teach about evolution and millions of years.

This pack includes all you need to help teach the entire family the truth about dinosaurs from a biblical perspective. 

Little Dinos on a Big Ark 
48 page hard cover book [10-1-600]
Little Dinosaurs on a Big Ark tells the true story of Noah’s Flood through the eyes of two of its inhabitants—young sauropod dinosaurs! And along the way, many key teaching points are introduced. The Ark was a huge vessel that was big enough for all the animals, and most of those animals were fairly small. The Ark was not a fragile boat, but a sturdy vessel that was able to withstand the forces of the global Flood. And most importantly of all, dinosaurs are not relegated to a theoretical ‘land before time’, but they existed alongside mankind and were on the Ark.

Exploring Dinosaurs with Mr Hibb 
128 page hard cover book by Michael Oard, Tara Wolfe, Chris Turbuck and Gary Bates [10-1-587]
Dinosaurs support the Bible!
Mr Hibb is a curious and imaginative grasshopper who will teach readers, both young and old, how to understand these marvellous creatures within a biblical framework. The book’s well-illustrated pages highlight the problems that evolutionists have in claiming how dinosaurs supposedly lived and died millions of years ago. Unlike other books on dinosaurs, we examine the often-ignored evidence of millions of dinosaur tracks, eggs, and big graveyards. These, plus the fossil remains of dinosaur bones, are really strong evidence that the majority of dinosaurs perished during Noah’s Flood, with the exception of those preserved on the Ark.

Discovering the Truth about Dinosaurs
44 page book by Philip Bell and Alison Brown [10-1-622]
This book will especially suit 7–11 year olds, but younger children will also enjoy having it read to them. A biblical history of those dynamic dinosaurs in rhyme, it is structured using 7 words beginning with D: Design, Downfall, Deluge, Dread, Decline, Discovery, and Declare. Enhanced by delightful illustrations and plenty of pages of additional educational helps, there is plenty of thought-provoking teaching to interest and intrigue children of all ages, and adults too.

Dinosaurs and Dragons comic
16 page full-colour, glossy, creationist comic book [00-1-024]
No human ever saw a living dinosaur, or did they? All over the world, stories about dragons abound. What were these creatures? Discover the facts of history from around the world as you find out about these amazing animals and how they connect to the Bible.

Dinosaur Flash Cards
11-card pack (2 sets of 5 dinosaur cards + cover card), 15 x 10 cm (6” x 4”) [25-2-518]
Super gifts for children and teens. They’ll love these 5 information-packed, beautifully-illustrated dinosaur cards featuring:

  • T. Rex—“tyrant lizard king”
  • Stegosaurus—“roof lizard” with nails on its tail
  • Brachiosaurus—“arm lizard” with long nostrils on its head ridge
  • Allosaurus—“different lizard” up to 12 m (40 ft) long
  • Triceratops—“three-horned face” largest, heaviest and best-known ceratopsian

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