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Discovering the Truth About Dinosaurs

Hard Cover

Hard Cover


Philip Bell and Alison Brown

June 2021



This book will especially suit 7–11 year olds, but younger children will also enjoy having it read to them. A biblical history of those dynamic dinosaurs in rhyme, it is structured using 7 words beginning with D - Design, Downfall, Deluge, Dread, Decline, Discovery, and Declare. Enhanced by delightful illustrations and several pages of additional educational helps, there is plenty of thought-provoking teaching to interest and intrigue children of all ages, and adults too.

Children’s author (and Creation magazine Production Coordinator) Margaret Wieland writes in the Foreword:

Holding a child’s attention while reading with them is absolutely paramount if you want them to learn from what you are reading together. This book is a winner on three fronts:

  • The beautiful illustrations command attention — children love animals, and dinosaurs are the top favourites;
  • The poetic verse is simple and easy to read and provides opportunity for further explanation, while teaching biblical truths;
  • The ‘Notes for Parents and Teachers’ is a valuable resource and will provide answers for broader explanations.

… Philip and Alison have produced a book worthy of a place in any home.

CMI-US CEO, (co-)author of several children’s books, adds:

Philip Bell, the author of this book is well-versed in the apologetics of the earth’s origins. And in this book, it shows. Whilst written in rhyme, the prose is intelligent and conveys a wealth of educational information. And when combined with Alison Brown’s beautiful and unique images, this book will captivate children and parents alike. What could be more engaging than using the subject matter of dinosaurs? They are some of the most stupendous creatures that God ever made.
I really do love this book!

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