Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai (Part 2) - Unlimited Streaming

Have Exodus explorers found the evidence?

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Streaming Video

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High School-Adult

Timothy Mahoney

120 Minutes

Patterns of Evidence

May 2023


Investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney completes his 20-year search for the true location of the mountain where God gave the ten commandments. In the conclusion of a two-part series, Mahoney uses the Mount Sinai Scorecard to investigate the final three of the six most popular locations proposed for Mount Sinai – one in Israel, and two in Saudi Arabia.

Could Mount Sinai actually be Har Karkom with its thousands of rock art pieces, Hala-’l Bedr a recently active volcano, or Jabal al Lawz where explorers claim abundant evidence matches the events of the Exodus? See intriguing patterns of evidence and decide for yourself if one of these mountains is where Moses and the Israelites met and worshiped God.

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