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Rocks Aren't Clocks
A Critique of the Geologic Timescale

232 page soft cover book by John K Reed [10-3-511]
Does the geological column prove that the earth is billions of years old? Is the geological column even a reality? These are questions that are too often assumed as the rock layers are presented as if they self-evidently prove the vast ages that evolutionism requires.
Geologist John Reed unravels the geological column in a style that is accessible to laypeople and specialists alike, revealing the philosophical assumptions that are critical to questions about the time scale.

Let the Rocks Speak
Evidence for the Flood from the fossils and geology

60 minute DVD by Philip Bell [30-9-641]
What kinds of geological evidence do we find that support a geographically universal, violent flood?
In this illustrated presentation, Philip Bell discusses scientific facts that point to continental-scale inundation by water, quick succession of strata and rapid, large-scale folding of sedimentary layers.

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