The Battle Over Geology's Icons

MP3 Audio

MP3 Audio

Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Tas Walker

57 Minutes

2013 Super Camp (Australia)


Spectacular landscapes of the world have long been an attraction to tourists, and with the increase of global tourism there has been an upsurge in demand for information about these icons. Governments and tourist organizations have been keen to oblige. Most people do not realise that the information is presented in a biased way that subtly undermines the Christian faith and reinforces secularism/atheism/naturalism. It was geology that opened the way for the secularization of the West, and this trend continues apace at the geological icons of the world. Although secular institutions still dominate the flow of information, the growth in biblical geological research, information, and literature has led to some remarkable battles at some World Heritage icons. See what is at stake, how you are affected, and how you can be involved.

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