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Carbon-14 and Long Ages - 7-Day Streaming

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Jonathan Sarfati

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The Bible unambiguously rejects long ages.

Conversely, all ‘dating’ methods, including radiometric, don't really age as such. Rather, they measure other quantities that are then interpreted as ages, using certain assumptions.

Radiometric dating uses good science of nuclear physics and accurate measurements of amounts of isotopes. However, radiometric ages are interpretations of the measured amounts, using certain assumptions. Such assumptions are readily questioned when the radiometric age doesn't match expectations. For example, when they fail to match known ages from eye-witness accounts, contradict each other, or when carbon-14 is detected in samples said to be millions or billions of years old.

C-14 decays so fast that it shouldn't be detectable after about 100,000 years. So pick only one: C-14 dating assumptions are reliable, or the samples are not nearly as old as claimed.

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