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Universe, Body, Flood by Design

Three books

Soft Cover
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Soft Cover

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This pack includes the three books …

Body By Design
160 page book by Alan L Gillen [10-1-170]
The book defines the basic anatomy and physiology in each of 11 body systems from a creational viewpoint. Every chapter examines different organs and structures giving evidence for theistic design. Focus sections that highlight the interwoven complexity between the body systems are also included. Students are challenged to think through the evidence—the facts as we know them today—and to consider the statistical likelihood of macroevolution. The end result is an effective, interwoven presentation of anatomy, physiology, and creation.

Flood By Design
144 page book by Michael J Oard [10-2-530]
A thorough and educational exploration of the Genesis flood’s effect on the earth’s surface. Discover if there really was a flood on the scale described in the Bible—and what evidence there is for this global event. Oard gives an astounding answer to these questions and affirms the reality of the account of the Genesis geologic history. Delve into the land features that bear witness of receding flood waters on a remarkable and unmistakable level.

Universe by Design
160 page book by Danny Faulkner [10-2-170]
Some astronomers look at the stars and planets through a telescope. Author Danny Faulkner views them through a biblical perspective in this unique book. Universe by Design explores and explains the historical development of this science, including current ideas in the field, from a creationist standpoint.

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