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Migration After the Flood + The Ice Age

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This pack includes the two DVDs …

Migration After the Flood
How plants and animals spread around the world so quickly

49 minute DVD by Dominic Statham [30-9-632]
Contrary to claims made by some evolutionists, plants and animals are not found where we would expect if evolution were true. In this very clear, well illustrated presentation, Dominic Statham shows how biogeography supports the biblical account of earth history rather than the evolutionary story.

The Ice Age
Only the Bible can Explain It

43 minute DVD by Michael Oard [30-9-612]
The facts, the fiction and the furore.
Naturalistic scientists are constantly challenging creationists to explain a host of observations, such as the Ice Age. Atmospheric scientist, Michael Oard, takes them up on the challenge and finds that the Ice Age is also a challenge to the naturalistic worldview. This is because the climate aftermath of the great Genesis Flood provides an ideal mechanism for a rapid Ice Age.

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