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God the Master Designer & How Evolution Hurts Science

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This pack includes the two DVDs …

God the Master Designer DVD
Evidence of incredible design in nature

44 min DVD by Dr Jonathan Sarfati [30-9-610]
Darwin was totally unaware of the amazing machinery in even supposedly simple cells, which is essential for life to exist. And even larger-scale designs are outside the reach of the alleged mutation plus selection mechanisms of evolution. Finally, Dr Sarfati shows fantastic and compelling evidence of design—so advanced that human engineers are learning and copying from it.

How Evolution Hurts Science
From a former evolutionist university researcher
50 minute DVD by Dr John Sanford [30-9-586]
As a leading research professor, John Sanford has seen the harmful effects of how a faulty worldview inhibits good science, especially in the revealing area of alleged “junk DNA”. He also shows how fallacious arguments are used to discriminate against anyone who dares to stand against the prevailing worldview of evolution and millions-of-years, and how we can make a stand against it.

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