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Wonder of Science + Christian Roots of Science

Book & DVD pack

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This pack includes …

The Wonder of Science
Exploring the creation/evolution debate

216 page softcover book by Dominic Statham [10-2-674]
This book is a vital resource for any family with children in secondary school or above which takes the reader on an even-handed and wide-ranging journey through the major areas of conflict in the origins debate.

A lucidly written, beautifully illustrated critique of the current arguments used in support of evolution, both in education and in the popular media, The Wonder of Science received input from seven consultant editors and covers topics such as:

  1. Science and Faith
  2. Genetics and Evolution
  3. Earth and Atmosphere
  4. Cell Biology and Chemical Evolution
  5. Space Science

The Christian Roots of Science
How modern science flourished under a Christian worldview
52 minute DVD by Dr Jonathan Sarfati [30-9-625]
Learn how the Christian worldview provided the assumptions required for comprehending how science worked at all. See also why a straightforward understanding of our world from the biblical context motivated further great advances. Also learn the real truth about Galileo and the myth of flat-earth belief.

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