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How Noah's Flood Shaped the Earth + Bible & Science

Book & DVD pack

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This pack includes …

How Noah's Flood Shaped Our Earth
200 page soft cover book by Michael J Oard, John K Reed [10-2-647]
This book will give you a new appreciation for the power and impact of Noah’s Flood—a pivotal event in the history of our planet. It was the biblical Flood, not millions of years, that deposited thousands of metres of folded, bent, and twisted rock strata all over the earth, and the billions of fossils contained therein.
Researchers Oard and Reed have done a marvelous job compiling geological evidence for the Flood, as well as providing an easily-understood interpretation of the dynamic processes that occurred before, during, and after the Flood, which radically altered the planet.
The Scriptures and your faith will come alive as you see the evidence for Noah’s Flood throughout the earth.

What the Bible & Science Say About the Age of the Earth
72 minute DVD by Richard Fangrad [30-9-557]
In his usual easy-to-understand style, Richard Fangrad helps the audience to resolve the 'age of the earth' controversy biblically and scientifically.

This presentation includes:

  • a detailed examination of the word ‘day’ in Genesis 1
  • a refutation of the ‘Gap Theory’ straight from the original Hebrew
  • a summary of the theological consequences of adding ‘millions of years’ to the Bible
  • an explanation of the assumptions involved in radiometric dating methods that make it wildly inaccurate
  • a look at scientific dating methods that do not support the evolutionary timescale

Great for anyone wanting to resolve the ‘age of the earth’ controversy biblically and scientifically.

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