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Titans Pack

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Pack includes the following:

Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air Book
From an early age, children are exposed to the idea that there was an ‘age of dinosaurs’—millions of years before man ever entered the evolutionary big picture. However, real science shows that dinosaurs provide strong evidence for the biblical “young” earth and global Flood. provide exciting support for the Bible. This is Creation Ministries International's first comprehensive dinosaur book for highschool and above. It has many pictures of fossils, and the best artistic impressions of dinosaurs. It also answers most of the questions people might ask.

Discovering the Truth about Dinosaurs Book
A biblical history of those dynamic dinosaurs in rhyme, it is structured using 7 words beginning with D - Design, Downfall, Deluge, Dread, Decline, Discovery, and Declare. Enhanced by delightful illustrations and several pages of additional educational helps, there is plenty of thought-provoking teaching to interest and intrigue children of all ages, and adults too.

Dinosaurs! God's fearsome and freaky creations DVD
What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? You will be surprised how much! And the real world evidence fits the Bible’s real history of the world from the beginning, and it includes these amazing creatures. See how we can use dinosaurs to teach age-old gospel truths. Both children and adults will love this entertaining and informative presentation.

Dinosaur Flash Cards
5 information-packed, beautifully-illustrated dinosaur cards

What about Dinosaurs?  10 Booklets
What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? What do dinosaur fossils tell us? What happened to the dinosaurs? Great witnessing tool!

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