Design Dissected + High Tech Cell

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Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Dr Robert Carter

David J Galloway


25.00This pack include a books and a DVD …

Design Dissected
Is the Design Real? A clinical look at life’s complexity, design and ultimate causation

224 page book by David J Galloway [10-2-679]
This attractively produced book provides a clinician’s perspective on the evidence for design in living things.
It powerfully challenges the belief that the universe, life, and conscious experience can result only from unguided, natural processes. It is written from an Intelligent Design perspective, so there are no biblical references; nevertheless, it strongly affirms that an ingenious, powerful God is the only sensible explanation for the incredible design we observe.

The High-Tech Cell
49 minute DVD by Dr Robert Carter [30-9-624]
The human genome is anything but simple. In fact, it is a super-complex computer operating system that far exceeds anything created by humans to date. New revelations about how it works have surprised us, and the complexity of the code is nothing short of astounding. The genome, perhaps more than anything else, defies naturalistic evolutionary theory.

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