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Sharon James


This pack includes the two books and Free Sleeved DVD…

Lies We are Told, the Truth We Must Hold
Worldviews and Their Consequences

302 page soft cover book by Sharon James [10-2-680]
We are surrounded by lies. They are incorporated into the worldview of our culture. We daily absorb them, and these lies can have deadly effects on individuals, societies and whole civilisations. This book aims to equip Christians to navigate the minefield of current claims. To understand our inherent human significance, to know genuine freedom, and to work for real justice, we need to know the truth.

How Christianity Transformed the World
204 page soft cover book by Sharon James [10-2-685]
Many people today would say that Christianity has done more harm than good to our world. Sharon James argues, however, in seeking to love their neighbour and reflect God’s moral character the followers of Jesus have had a largely positive impact on our society.

The Genesis Debate Free sleeved DVD
90 minutes
A debate between Dr Paul Willis and Dr Carl Wieland over the topic of Creation (more specifically, "Does scientific evidence support a literal Genesis?"). Dr Paul Willis was the former winner of Australia's "Skeptic of the Year" award, and Dr Carl Wieland formally served as Managing Director of Creation Ministries International (Australia). 

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