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Impact of Evolution pack

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High School-Adult

Dr Jonathan Sarfati, Tom DeRosa, Dr Emil Silvestru


This pack includes the three DVDs …

The Evolution of Human Evolution
The missing links?

55 minute DVD by Dr Emil Silvestru [30-9-608]
Hoaxes, lies and misinterpretations—evolutionary anthropology is riddled with them. So why is this accepted as science? Human evolution occurred recently according to secular science, so the evidence should be all around us. Wrong interpretations of the evidence have had a baneful effect on society, redefining man’s place in the universe.

Evolution's Fatal Fruit
The results of a godless philosophy

56 minute DVD by Tom DeRosa [30-9-602]
Darwin gave the world an explanation of life that helped to fuel the ovens at Auschwitz. Tom DeRosa shows the grim applications of evolutionary theory to human society applied by Hitler’s belief that he was helping the process along. These evolutionary ideas were also taken up by the American eugenics movement, which forcibly sterilized thousands. It’s shocking and it’s being advocated again today. You will never see evolution as ‘just a harmless theory’ again.

56 minute DVD by Dr Jonathan Sarfati [30-9-659]
With his usual clarity, Dr Jonathan Sarfati shows how controversial ethical issues can be resolved if God’s Word, especially Genesis, is understood properly. This talk covers topics such as:

  • Animal welfare vs animal rights
  • Eugenics and euthanasia
  • Abortion
  • Cloning and stem cells
  • Many more …

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