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Creation Foundation DVD Pack

Four DVD pack

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High School-Adult

Dr Don Batten, Dr John Sanford, Dr John Baumgardner


Pack includes the four DVDs …

God’s fearsome and freaky creations

49 minute DVD by Dr Don Batten [30-9-611]
What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? You will be surprised how much! And the realworld evidence fits the Bible’s real history of the world from the beginning, and it includes these amazing creatures. See how we can use dinosaurs to teach age-old gospel truths. Both children and adults will love this entertaining and informative presentation.

Planetary Cataclysm
Plate tectonics modelling—astounding new insights into Noah’s Flood

55 minute DVD by Dr John Baumgardner [30-9-581]
Hear about astounding new insights into Noah’s Flood from one of the world’s leading geophysicists. Using simulated computer modelling, the evidence is so compelling that it has caused many to reconsider their conventional views about plate tectonics.

The Mystery of Our Declining Genes
Startling data from recent creation—in our DNA

49 minute DVD by Dr John Sanford [30-9-583]
One of the world’s foremost experts on genetics traces the history of human genetic decline due to mutations in our DNA. The evidence is startling to those who don’t believe in the Genesis account of Creation because it refutes conventional dates for alleged human evolution. This is powerful evidence for the Bible’s timescale for human history.

Creatures Do Change But It's Not Evolution
How natural selection supports the Bible

48 minute DVD by Dr Don Batten [30-9-601]
God created things in a way that thwarts evolutionary story-telling. See how mutations and natural selection contradict evolution, and how microbes-to-microbiologists evolution is impossible. See the incredible workings inside cells with the latest, original, cutting-edge animation showing how cells make proteins. It’s mind-blowing! It defies evolution and shouts “Creation!”

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