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Flood History DVD Pack

Two DVD pack

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Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Dr Tas Walker & Richard Fangrad


This pack includes the two DVDs …

Rafting in the Grand Canyon
Catastrophic evidence of Noah’s Flood

64 minute DVD by Richard Fangrad [30-9-607]
Enjoy this ‘virtual raft tour’ through Grand Canyon stopping along the river to explore evidence in the rocks for the rapid formation of the canyon. This image rich presentation shows the beauty of the Canyon while explaining, in easy-to-understand terms how the Canyon’s geology supports biblical history and not the millions of years evolutionary history.

Noah's Flood: Evidence In Australia
57 minute DVD by Dr Tas Walker [30-9-515]
Is there any evidence of Noah's Flood? Yes, all over the world! Dr Walker, an Australian geologist, highlights some of the remarkable geologic features that he has studied in his home country—and they can only be explained by a worldwide flood..

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