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Dating & Ages DVD Pack

Two DVD pack

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High School-Adult

Dr Geoff Downes & Dr Jim Mason


This pack includes the two DVDs …

Radioactive Dating and A Young Earth
How nuclear physics supports the Bible’s timeframes

54 minute DVD by Dr Jim Mason [30-9-626]
Is radiometric dating really proof that the earth is billions of years old as evolutionists claim? What about the evidence from radioactive decay that the earth is actually only about 6,000 years old—just as the chronologies in the Bible indicate?

Tree Rings, Dating and Changing Climates
A forest scientist looks at the secrets of the past

51 minute DVD by Dr Geoff Downes [30-9-575]
Environmental change affects tree growth and the changes are captured partly in tree rings. Tree-ring studies are used to support the cause of climate change and many thousands of years of Earth history. But are wide rings caused by warmer temperatures? Is it this simple? Geoff Downes looks at the underpinning science in linking changes in wood structure to changing climate.

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