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Sleeved DVD
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Sleeved DVD

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Carl Wieland

58 Minutes


The Bible’s ‘big picture’ of our origins shows we must all be closely related—literally One Human Family (OHF), the title of the speaker’s major book. Throughout history, competing stories about human origins have sought to undermine or distort this OHF concept to justify racism—a sin not unique to whites. Even in overtly biblical cultures, the perceived need to justify things like capturing people from another ethnic group for forced labour, or to exploit them economically, led to strategies to water down the OHF, e.g. the invented ‘Curse on Ham’ and more. So, racism existed before Darwin, but his origins story was by far the most successful in undermining the biblical OHF. This flung open the door to a flood of eugenics and racism, culminating in the Holocaust. These are shown to be not some aberration of Darwinism, but were understood and embraced by Charles himself as a logical consequence of his theory (some groups must be ‘less evolved’). Many are surprised to learn about the immense popularity of Nazi racial hygiene policies among the western scientific establishment prior to WW2. Modern discoveries of our astonishingly close relatedness were not a prediction from theories of human evolution, which were substantially rejigged to cope with this unexpected data. The lesson? When popular cultural or scientific views are out of sync with the Bible, resist the temptation to cave in, because as here, it means the science is either being misinterpreted or needs to catch up.

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