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Soft Cover


Gary Bates, Robert Carter, Gavin Cox, Keaton Halley

Soft Cover


Witness the Bible’s history come alive in the very land where so many biblical events took place! Egypt contains some of the world’s most stunning archaeological sites and ancient artifacts. This guide book will teach you fascinating facts about each site and help you to connect the Bible’s history to the things you’ll see in the land of the pharaohs. With a ministry renowned for its defense of biblical authority, discover how some of the world’s greatest archaeological wonders help to confirm biblical events. From the construction of the Giza Pyramids to the Israelite Sojourn in Egypt, to the Exodus, to the rule of the Greek Ptolemies during the Intertestamental Period, you’ll be amazed at the monuments and inscriptions that speak to the incredible ingenuity of the ancients, and you’ll learn about exciting possible connections to the great events of biblical history.

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