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Children's Geology pack

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This pack includes the four paper products …

Exploring Geology with Mr Hibb book
96 page book by Michael Oard, Tara Wolfe, Chris Turbuck [10-1-587]
This wonderfully illustrated, full-color book provides a biblical view of geology for elementary/primary school ages. It follows the entertaining adventures of the curious grasshopper Mr Hibb as he makes the learning of geology delightful and faith building

Tyler Cray & Grand Canyon Birthday book
100 page book by Deann Sebeny [10-1-558]
Young Tyler Cray has been looking forward to going on vacation to the Canyon for such a long time! When he finally arrives the sight of it is far more splendid than he imagined. He learns much about this incredible, scenic place (including some terrific faith-building, scientific information).

6 DAYS—Not Billions of Years book
64 page book [10-1-612]
6 Days contains classic creation articles, in a magazine format, covering topics that everyone wants to know about. What should we believe about ghosts and aliens? Why would a loving God allow death and suffering? How did Noah fit the animals on the ark? What about radiometric dating? Ideal for families, churches, and youth groups.

Amazing Fossils comic
16 page comic [00-1-001]
This full-colour, glossy, creationist comic book will amaze child and adult alike, and challenge the conventional ‘millions of years’ ideology applied to fossils. Beautifully illustrated and full of information, this is a great booklet to give to those who may shun the more conventional creationist material. Why not leave it ‘just lying around’? It closes with a powerful salvation message.

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