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Travel Through Egypt

Land of Moses, monuments and mummies

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Soft Cover

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Clive & Amanda Anderson


This handbook of ancient Egypt is a highly condensed, colourful, image-rich guide, packed full of information and photographs of over 50 of the most important sites in ancient Egypt, covered in 9 short chapters. It connects the sites, relics and names of pharaohs with the Bible, in a helpful and easy to understand format. A must-have for those interested in Egypt and the Bible.


The issue of Egyptian chronology is a very complex issue, for a variety of reasons, as detailed in our article For every genuine researcher, both Christian and secular, who has attempted to solve the timing issues of Egyptian history, one will find a myriad of different answers which only serves to highlight the difficulties involved.

The authors in this book have used a standard and traditional chronology derived from a list of Egyptian dynasties compiled by an ancient Egyptian priest named Manetho who lived in the 3rd century BC. It should be noted that no original copies of Manetho’s work survive and it was referred to by later historians. History shows that Manetho was demonstrably wrong in many areas, but it is still referred to by many because it is “the best we have.” The timing of some of the pharaohs based upon Manetho’s list would mean they lived before the date of Genesis creation (c.4,000 BC), and some of the great historical artifacts like the pyramids would predate the world-destroying Flood of Noah’s time (c.2,450 BC). Obviously, this cannot be the case. Most of the timing errors occur with the early Egyptian pharaohs.

Nonetheless, at Creation Ministries International we have still decided to carry this book as it provides useful connections with both the Old and New Testaments. It also highlights useful archeological evidence that supports the Exodus account with the latter Egyptian dynasties.

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