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Wonders of Creation: Design in a Fallen World

Masterbooks Edition

Hard Cover

Hard Cover

Product Audience:
Junior High-Adult


Stuart Burgess, Andy McIntosh and Brian Edwards (editor)


Enjoy the panorama of a Creation so beautifully detailed, ordered and complex that it would be unbelievable if it was not there in front of us. As you look at the world around you, it is impossible not to experience the incredible awe and wonder of its design. Is this the result of an unlimited number of immeasurable odds or a more satisfying and reasonable explanation of a Creator? What is the purpose of it all?

Includes full-color images and details of:

Land Mammals
Sea Creatures
Stars & planets
Starlight & time
Mathematics & beauty
and more!
Table of Contents
1. Since the Creation of the World
2. Land Mammals
3. Sea Creatures
4. Birds and Flight
5. Insects
6. Stars and Planets
7. Starlight and Time
8. Beauty
9. Mathematics and Beauty
10. Materials
11. Mankind
12. A Changed World
13. The Six Days of Genesis
14. What Happened?

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