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Dinosaur Fun with Letters

Write | Draw | Learn

Hard Cover

Hard Cover

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Bryan Miller (Illustrator)



Go on a writing adventure with dinosaurs!

Start your younger learner on a writing adventure with dinosaurs from A to Z!

  • Colorful illustrations enhance this unique multi-skill learning book.
  • Perfect for early learners to practice writing exercises and letter recognition.
  • Children write and wipe away in this great reusable resource.

Learning letters and writing can be so much fun! Each letter is highlighted with a dinosaur starting with that letter, and children are encouraged to trace each one and learn to write it. Children will enjoy practicing over and over again as they enjoy some of God’s wonderful dinosaurs, which the Bible tells us were created on Day Six during Creation, and also the flying reptiles created on Day Five! This book is perfect for use at home, ideal for travel, and certain to create hours of fun!

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