¿Cómo obtuvimos nuestra Biblia? (How Did We Get Our Bible?)


eReader (.epub)

eReader (.epub)

Product Audience:
High School-Adult


Lita Cosner, Gary Bates


No book has impacted humanity like the Bible! Yet, the comment that the Bible is just a book written by men is often used by skeptics to discredit Scripture. Every Christian should be able to defend why they trust the Bible to be the very Word of God.

This booklet demonstrates historically and practically how the books we have today came to be the Bible—the biggest-selling and most-read book in human history. Christians will be encouraged in their faith by having adequate answers to defend their belief in the authority of Scripture. But, not only will they discover how we got our Bible, but along the way they will learn the ultimate reason why God chose to communicate with His creation. This booklet is ideal for those new in the faith and will also be suitable as a witnessing resource to non-believers.

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