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CMI Library Pack- Creation Answers Books

Perfect to donate to your local library!

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Share truth and the Creation message by donating this Creation Answers pack to your local library.

The Creation Answers Book provides biblical answers to over 60 important questions that everyone wants to know on creation/evolution and the Bible! Not only does it answer your own questions, but it equips you to effectively respond to those that resist the Gospel due to worldly teaching on origins. This important work is a ‘must have’ for anyone’s library!

Creation Answers for Kids takes children on adventures with the James family as they learn in their 'family lessons' about how the Bible has answers for all of our biggest questions!

  • Why are there thorns and prickles?
  • Is the Ice Age in the Bible?
  • Are all people really related to each other?
  • Why do we have to work?
  • And many other intriguing questions!

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