Defending Genesis (Slightly Imperfect)

Celebrating the Best from 40 Years of the World's Most Widely Read CREATION Magazine

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Hard Cover

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Book may be slightly bent or curled, have dented corners, a scratched cover, discoloration, or other minor imperfections that do not affect readability nor durability.

In 1978, there were few resources for Christians who wanted to defend their belief in biblical creation. So, at that time, Carl Wieland founded Creation magazine, which would eventually become the most widely-read creation publication in the world. To celebrate 40 years of cutting edge creation content, we have collected articles from across the history of this ground-breaking publication, some with important updates, into this full-color, coffee table-style book.

  • Archaeopteryx: is it a transitional form or a true flying bird?
  • Amazing motorized germs which show evolution is impossible?
  • Does the Bible really teach that the earth is 6,000 years old?
  • Jesus Christ is our Creator—what did He believe about origins?

Take a journey through the history of Creation magazine with Defending Genesis!

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Issue 44:3

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