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From Creation to Salvation + Creation Restored

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Soft Cover

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This pack includes the book and DVD …

From Creation to Salvation book
What Jesus and the New Testament authors believed about Genesis
Genesis tells us how God created—the rest of the biblical record spells out the theological implications of His actions. From Creation to Salvation highlights the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament authors that rest on the foundation of biblical creation. God designed His Word in such a way that if we reject biblical creation, we are then forced to reject key theological ideas that are important for how we view God and salvation.

Creation Restored DVD
The New Heavens and Earth
Cultural ideas about heaven feature fluffy clouds, angels playing harps, and an ethereal, unearthly atmosphere. However, the Bible presents the New Heavens and Earth as the culmination of the Bible's grand narrative of creation, Fall, and restoration. When we grasp the place of the New Heavens and Earth in this redemptive plan, and understand what Scripture teaches about the nature of our eternal home, it helps us to better anticipate and look forward to it. And it should surprise no one that the key to understanding the Bible's last chapters lies in its first.

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