Islam from the viewpoint of the Bible

Soft Cover

Soft Cover

Product Audience:
High School-Adult


Hilmar von Erlenburg


Many people believe that the Koran and Bible equally lead to heaven. But there is a vast contrast between the two doctrines.

The author attempts to view Islam from the standpoint of the Bible. At centre stage of his contemplations are the God of the Bible and the Allah of the Koran. One question plays an especially prominent role in the context: Is the Jesus described in the Bible identical to the Isa of the Koran?

Some of the questions covered are:
  • Was Jesus crucified?
  • Is there a God of Love?
  • Do Christians pray to three Gods?
  • What is sin?
  • Are there binding assurances with regard to eternity?
  • What are the most distinctive differences between Islam and Christianity?

Numerous verses in the Bible and the Koran are compared, providing the reader with a guide suited to either consolidating their position held by so far—or considering it anew.

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