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Inspiration From Creation (Book & DVD pack)

How engineers are copying God's designs

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This pack includes the two products …

Inspiration From Creation book
How engineers are copying God's designs

129 page book by Professor Stuart Burgess & Dominic Statham [10-2-650]
The natural world shows evidence of stunning design and this book shows the extent to which human technology falls behind in comparison. Examples are given of how engineers are improving man-made products by copying principles used in nature and how this points to the living world itself having been designed by a Creator God. The inability of the Darwinian process to produce such complex design is explained and claims by evolutionists of poor design in nature are refuted. The book includes many helpful illustrations.

Inspiration From Creation DVD
How engineers are copying God's designs

65 minute DVD by Professor Stuart Burgess [30-9-646]
Design engineers such as Dr Stuart Burgess (Professor of Design Engineering at the UK’s Bristol University) are increasingly copying designs from the natural world. Nature contains an abundance of brilliant design solutions. That shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the Bible’s teaching that creation has a Designer who is perfect in knowledge (Job 37:16).

Audiences worldwide have thrilled to Prof. Burgess’s engaging and powerful presentation demonstrating that creation, not evolution, is responsible for the supremely designed world around us.

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