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Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol 1 book & DVD pack

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This pack includes …

Evolution: The Grand Experiment Volume 1 book
312 page hardcover book by Dr Carl Werner [10-2-622]
This fresh, powerful book takes the words of evolution experts themselves and compares them with the evidence. It is highly visual, being lavishly illustrated in colour. The authors present a lot of new material in demolishing the big claims of evolution. A great teaching resource, but also recommended for general reading.

Evolution: The Grand Experiment Volume 1 DVD
58 minute DVD by Dr Carl Werner [30-9-589]
This powerful, professionally-produced documentary deals with the grand sweep of evolutionary ideas from spontaneous generation to modern Darwinism. It covers the lack of transitional fossils in detail, with graphic illustrations combined with videoed candid admissions from leading paleontologists from around the world.

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