Adam and Family (Slightly Imperfect)

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Hard Cover

Product Audience:
Primary/Elementary-Junior High


Russell Grigg


Books may have scratched covers, dented corners, discolorations, or other minor imperfections.

Adam and Family is the true account of the world’s very first family, that of Adam and Eve. It gives biblical answers to many of the questions that children have, arising from the evolutionary stories they see on TV such as:

  • Where did human beings come from?
  • Have we evolved from ape-men?
  • What is sin and why is it wrong?
  • Why is it easier to do bad things than to do good things?
  • Why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • Who is Satan and why does he have so much power?
  • Who did Cain marry?

It also tells how we can resist temptation and live lives that are pleasing to God through having faith in Christ’s death on the Cross and His Resurrection.

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