Ha-Mashiach (Slightly Imperfect)

The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures

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Soft Cover

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High School-Adult


Dr Arnold G Fruchtenbaum


Book may have dented corners, a scratched cover, discoloration, or other minor imperfections that do not affect readability nor durability.

Ha-Mashiach is an updated version of Messianic Christology, a detailed study by a Messianic Jew / Hebrew Christian scholar. This shows how Jesus (Yeshua) of Nazareth fulfilled numerous Tanakh (Old Testament) prophecies in His first coming. Some of those prophecies have a clear expiration date, showing that only Jesus could have fulfilled them. The Old Testament shows that the prophesied Messiah must be fully God and fully Man, would die for our sins, and rise from the dead.


  • Why did Eve mistakenly think that she had given birth to the promised God-Man?
  • Who were the Sons of God in Genesis 6?
  • How did Isaiah predict the Virginal Conception, Deity, and Substitutionary Atonement of the Messiah?
  • When did the ‘Seventy Sevens’ prophecy of Daniel 9 begin?
  • How does the New Testament quote the Old Testament?
  • How can Jesus’ genealogies in Matthew and Luke both be true?
  • Who were the ‘wise men’, and what was the ‘star of Bethlehem’?
  • Why don’t most Jews believe in Jesus?

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